Tuesday, December 13, 2016

After 7 years of working in overseas education industry, I decided to quit for a while from my job to find inner peace and more inspirations. One of my dreams was to pursue master degree overseas. I was chosen as one of the awardees of the Indian Government Scholarship and have spent 2 years of Post-Graduate study in the greenest state of India, Kerala. My passion for travelling and exploring began to grow when I was there. I think that I have become a free-spirited guy and I am ready for my own journey.

The inner peace I then discovered is through travelling. I believe that by going somewhere else, one could learn abundant of things, values, and they could also appreciate their own blessings.  Of the biggest trips I have arranged and done so far was the one when I was on my semester break. I already knew that I must reach Kashmir to get enchanted by its beauty and also to be awed by its history.   I gained self-confidence in travelling ever since.

The humble and unique features of Indian society have also touched me deeply so that I decided to join a volunteer work amidst my trip. Teaching slum children in Gujarat, interacting and helping others in a non-governmental organisation in Ahmedabad, have also shown me another point of view in looking at life- that sharing and giving have magical and greater impacts on human relations. Human could actually connect peacefully when they help others. “Love all and serve all” they said.

Now that I have come back to my wonderful country, my passion for travelling has mounted significantly, doubled and tripled. I have a dream to especially explore my own country, Indonesia and to get enchanted by the nature and awed by its people. This blog is then a platform of expression to state clearly what I encounter, view, feel, see, touch, and smell about my travelling experience around my motherland. Enjoy Wonderful Indonesia, Dude!
The Combination of Natural Colours  I Love The Most- Mountains and Lake (Maninjau, West Sumatera)


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