Tuesday, December 13, 2016

For me, to find a pond to swim around is always something fascinating to do. What I want to tell you this time is about a pond nearby a historical mosque in Matur. Matur is one of the most beautiful sub-districts in Agam Regency, West Sumatera Province. It is around 4 hours by road from the capital Padang. Thanks to the hilly terrain, the mountain slope is like a beautiful green rug where the paddy fields lay. The fields are nicely arranged like layers of bright green carpets- the most calming and relaxing view, good for the eyes and good for the soul. I have to admit that I feel stupid because I have neglected one of the most beautiful ponds which actually located in my very own native place. Well sometimes a place nearby you is the one you last visit, don’t you think?

Pincuran Gadang. The name of the pond comes from Minang Language. In English, Pincuran is almost equal to ‘spouted shower’ and Gadang means ‘big’. It has rectangle shape, full of fresh water with around 5 feet deep. The water is insanely clear and cold since the source of it runs from the hills around.  And on the other side, there are spouted showers for you to rinse all the boredom away. City dwellers will really need this rinse process. The big amount of the water resource is said to be the reason why the people called it Pincuran Gadang.

If you want to reach to the pond, from Matur, you need to go along the road next to the Sub-district office and just ask the local, about Pincuran Gadang. The signpost is unfortunately blurred so it is almost unnoticeable. However, despite their lack of ability in English, a simple language and a nice body gesture will really help you to let the local people direct you to find the place. Or simply just ask Google  :-) they know it better (sometimes).

I need to descend to reach the pond via the hairpin curved roads with a bike. The road is good –not with asphalt mix but some part with gravel and other with cement-but still, one should really be careful because it has sharp and steep turns. Going down to reach the pond is advisable with bike even though access with car is possible.

The Mosque and The Pond

I am a person who likes to overstate, just to enjoy the nature more sometime I like to sing along during my trip or to pretend that I am the fanciest traveller in the world. But the view in Pincuran Gadang   needs no any exaggeration statements. It is simply breathtaking, especially when I spotted a pond from up the hill, I felt like I just wanted to jump inside it- now I am wondering if I am really a Leo.

Paddy Fields

Men and children can swim in the pond. As for the ladies, there is a separate place which they said is beautiful too very nearby. The Mosque Pincuran Gadang stands gracefully next to the pond. I was told that the mosque was built by an ulema or Islamic preacher. Islam has been the most predominant religion in the province. Modesty and separation of public bathing place is then maintained.

I was looking around when I began to submerge. I was confused about which to enjoy first. As I told you that the water is so clear that I could spot school of small fish swimming cheerfully near my legs. One or two of them pinched my foot as if they have been trained as fish masseur. The 360 degree scenic pond is luxuriously placed amidst the paddy field. The golden-yellowish colour of the almost-ripe paddy overlaps with the greenery of the leaves and the trees which altogether compose a harmony of nature. The most beautiful of any painter could ever create.
Clear Water -Who Can Resist

As I swim around and enjoy the beauty of my motherland, and the sky was so clear with its soft-bright blue colour and cotton-candy clouds, some school kids joined in after their school hours. Laughter and splash of water have really completed my day there- or to be exact my “days” there, since I kept coming back and forth for three days consecutively. Awesome!
The Showers To
 Rinse The Boredom Away


  1. Seems to be a tranquil and serene place to take a bath. Maybe I'll consider to go there soon

  2. Please do come Arief. I'll give you more further info. Know it alot since that is my hometown :-)


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