Thursday, October 5, 2017

Who said travelling with bike cannot be fancy and elegant. Yahama NMAX ABS 2017 offers you a convinient riding experience while in the same time the appearance of the bike will make all eyes on you, and on Yamaha of course. PT Yamaha Motor Indonesia Manufacturing has released Yamaha NMAX ABS 2017 for global sales. This is a premium class scooter which integrates a strong powerful machine, elegant design , and safety equipments which will ensure that your trip is faster, comfortable, and safe.

A statement of Elegance and Power
Speaking about design, Yamaha NMAX ABS 2017 has launched 4 different color variations. Matte Red, Matte Grey, Mate Black, and White. The jock has leather and satin texture  which  escalates the level of comfort and aesthetics of the vehicle. Cover side of the body has boomerang shape which reinforce a statement. A statement of elegance and power. Yamaha has embedded a digital speedometer and for sure, it will assist you by giving an acurate information when riding and when you want to know the distance between places you travel from and to. The handlebar at the backside is made of aluminum which once again added the value of style to Yamaha.
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Higher Stage of Technology
As I told you, Yamaha is a premium scooter that will give you an awesome experience of riding. You can hop on its stocky yet solid body - a weight of 127 Kg- and will suddenly feel comfortable on it. Equipped with  strong  machines , Yamaha NMAX ABS 2017’s has leveled up its position as  one of the most powerful scooter matics in Indonesia. Japan’s technology embedded in this motorbike  provides you with a  4-strike (SOHC) and 150 cc -strong scooter.  Large amount of power is generated under a maximum level of 14.8 Hp on 8.000 Revoluton per Minute (RPM). With such speedy torque, the scooter will bring you to the higher and faster stage of biking. Technology of V-Belt has also been adopted to assist such maximum acceleration.  With the latest Blue Core technology and Yamaha’ fuel injection system, the speedier the scooter the more efficient it becomes in term of saving fuels. Variable Valve Actuation  (VVA) is another technology added to Yamaha to satisfy consumers’ demand on premium and speedy scooters.

Such a Riding Experience

I have told you earlier about safety driving. Driving with Yamaha NMAX ABS 2017, you will have nothing to worries. It has Anti-Lock Break (ABS) system as the name suggest. ABS will protect you when riding in slippery terrains or when you hit break suddenly due to unexpected circumstance on the road. This technology will also prevent the tires from being locked. Thus, incident could be avoided. I would suggest if you are looking for an elegant yet powerful scooter, Yamaha NMAX ABS 2017 is absolutely the right choice. If you love touring or fancy trip while enjoying safety riding experience, Yamaha NMAX ABS 2017 is ready to accompany you and to take you to the higher stage, as the motto suggest. Besides that, if you are going for picnic in the weekend, whether to beach side or mountain slope, the gloves could carry your bottle of coke too. Not to mention, the baggage under the jock is large and it can carry your belongings. Come and have a wonderful ride with Yamaha NMAX ABS 2017!


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